Monday, June 22, 2009

Bad News Bears

I said my good luck was bound to run out...and it did. I need to remember to knock on wood more often.

There were definitely still a few highlights from my weekend. Might as well start with the good!

FRIDAY - My cousin Burke came into the city with a few friends. Met up with them on the Upper East Side at Aces & Eights. After a ridiculously fun night there, Burke & his crew had to rush to Grand Central to catch a train back home (just outside Manhattan). Not wanting my night to end yet (it is the city that never sleeps) ~ my roommate Kristin & her friend Jenn (aka Frim..short for her last name; Frimmel) trekked all the way up from Union Sq. to meet me.

We ventured across the street to The East End Bar (another friend of K's knows the owner) where we got free drinks for the rest of the night & I got invited into the DJ Booth to pick some tracks (yes, I said tracks) for the playlist ... (hahah I may or may not have snuck in some Bruce Springsteen & David Bowie ;)

This was after I epicly (aka - embarassingly) sang every last verse to "Busta Move" & "Semi Charmed Kind of Life" much to the amazement of my peers. (I'm definitely not the only one who had Young MC & Third Eye Blind on a mixtape at one time...)

Saturday Night I was able to galavant around Times Square with my friend Adam & his family (visiting for the US Open). Always good to see faces from home :)

Now for the BAD NEWS BEARS (which I will try to keep at short as possible) :

1. New Roommates - Let's just say the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" look-a-like (and act-a-like) Moms & their similar daughters aren't exactly the friendliest additions to our humble abode. I'm amazed at their ability to make a complete stranger (me) cry, 5 mins after first meeting. (I don't spew waterworks that easily either)

2. Woke up Sunday with some sort of eye infection & a nasty cold (pleasant, I know). Hopefully I didn't contract some deadly disease on the subway or anything. (I don't think thats the case, probably just got something in my contact, or allergies/pollution etc)

Being sick in New York is no fun at all. Especially when you work in a cosmetics/skincare industry, everyone is always looking their best (my swollen, red eye doesn't exactly fit the bill)

I also had to track down some meds/eyedrops...where's a Shoppers when you need it!? Their CVS equivalent just isn't doing it for me. I'm hoping a few eyedrops, cough syrup & H2O will do the trick in a few days.

3. Icing on the Cake - Woke up today to a man in a facemask & goggles staring in through my window!! I'm on the 9th floor of a pretty high building...needless to say it scared the crap out of me. For a split second, Kristin & I actually believed it could be our friendly, neighbourhood spiderman.

Then we realized he was standing on a window-washing platform...which is what we thought he was doing until the drilling & welding started! The sound of a freight train going through your apt at 7:30am isn't exactly a brady bunch start to monday morning.

The week can only get better from here, right!?

ps. Happy Belated Fathers Day EJ (hope you got my card!)

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