Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My recent obsession. FRO YO is a must must must in this city! The next best thing we have in Canada would probably be TCBY (my sister Mere & I are partial to their "shivers"..but trust me, nothing compares to NYC fro yo) There are so many places to choose from here it can almost get overwhelming!

After work one day, K (aka my roommate Kristin) and I both shared a similar pain in our stomachs ~ a hunger pain for fro yo that is. I suggested we try Pinkberry (It's been on "The Hills" so it must be semi cool, right?) but hailing from Los Angeles, California, K had eaten her fair share of the Pinkberry & (similar) Red Mango chains. My next thought was 40 Carrots in Bloomingdales (which is DEFINITELY still a top contender in my books) but that idea was nixed when we realized it closes early at 7pm (my only complaint about it!).

K suggested a place she'd stumbled upon recently that was only a few blocks away from our res (or "dorm" as she calls it).

And that's when I fell in love...with Daydream. If you're ever in New York, I highly suggest this quaint little fro yo place. Albeit, not as famous in its namesake as Pinkberry, the delectable taste it leaves on your tongue will undeniably leave you wanting more.

I can also get quite overwhelmed (and somewhat stressed out) when presented with TOO many choices. You should see me in the grocery store, I go through every aisle meticulously (even if I only need milk!). I like the simplicity of Daydream. Offering 4 flavours (original creamy, original icy, pomegranate, cookies n' cream) and unique toppings (cinnamon oatmeal flakes, ginger cookie crumbs, butter rum crunch etc.) I always leave the store feeling empowered for being able to choose so easily! (as weird as that sounds). Sometimes I'll mix up the toppings if I'm feeling really confident.

The staff is ridiculously friendly. (Probably because they see K & I almost every day...) Once when we were coming home from the local watering hole, The Pour House (watching the Lakers game), we darted into "The Dream" for a little treat before bed. They were just about to close (but the girl at the counter recognized us...I swear it was only our 2nd time at this point!) so she served us & let us stay as long as we wanted while she closed up. Her coworker changed the CD to some gangster beats (which they're only allowed to play while cleaning). Lots of people walked by the open storefront & tried to come in the locked front door to no avail. I'm not going to lie, I did kind of feel like I was in the "VIP" of fro yo at the time.

Even the decor gives me an endorphin rush. Walls & ceilings are covered with light fluffy clouds and pale blue skies. You really do feel as though you're in a "Daydream." Those cards they have where you get them stamped & get the 8th free are called "Frequent Dreamer" cards. Corny, yes but when you're there, it sounds like the cutest name ever!

There are an abundance of fro yo places I'm sure I haven't even checked out. Yogurtland is one that also deserves some street cred. But if you ever come across Daydream, check it out if you want! I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Jenna said...

Yum! Looks like you found heaven!