Thursday, June 18, 2009

Punch Up Your Life ~ SoHo Comedy Series

Tuesday night I went to my 1st comedy show. My roommate, Kristin, heard about this FREE (which is always a plus as it equals more shopping money for us) comedy series through Metromix & Timeout. (Websites that detail upcoming events around the city! I highly recommend them)

In New York, I'm always up to try anything so I thought, hey why not!? By the end of the night, I had the best ab workout of my life from laughing so hard. It exceeded all of my expectations!

I don't usually think stand-up comics are that funny. I always flick past the comedy network on TV. Maybe I'm just an overanalyzer, but I always feel sort of embarrassed for them. What if they're really just NOT funny?? The awkward silence in the room would kill me. It's like watching a dog walk on its hind legs...
But then I discovered, that although I'M not cut out to be a comedian (ex: Mean Girls references are often the extent of my humour) maybe some people are really just born funny & like being on stage infront of a crowd of strangers.

This turned out to be the case at Punch Up Your Life with host Pete Holmes and a rotating cast of SNL, Conan O'Brian and Comedy Central writers/performers! Some of them use this weekly event as a platform for trying out new material, seeing what gets a laugh.

The event was held at Housing Works Bookstore in SoHo (it's 100% non-profit). The little bookshop on Crosby St is marked with cobblestone all around it, giving it a real downtown, almost European feel. Inside are 20 foot ceilings, spiral staircases leading to mahogany loft balcony's. There are old-fashioned sliding ladders all along the rows of bookshelves. You feel like you're in the antique library of someone's Victorian home.

There was a lemonade stand set up selling cheap beers (Pabst Blue Ribbon!) and in the back cafe there was homemade quiche, lasagna and other baked goods. When we arrived, we watched as the girl rolled fresh cookie dough. All of the proceeds again, go to charity! We settled into our cozy seats amongst the hipster chic, SoHo artists and hippy lovers. The whole atmosphere felt "tres NewYork."
Kristin & I already can't wait for next Tuesday!

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