Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Under my Umbrella (Ella Ella, Eh Eh Eh)

For the past 2 weeks straight New York has had a black cloud hanging over its head.  Mother Nature must be in a bad mood because the forecast has been nothing but rain, rain and oh yes, more rain.  I thought London was suppose to be the rainy capital of the world.

I have noticed how the rain has started to affect the people of New York.  Black umbrellas are a staple with any outfit.  I mean I know New Yorkers like their black but during monsoon season it seems to increase tenfold.  God forbid I try to use a bright red Elizabeth Arden one.  The looks of utter disgust on the streets are enough to frighten a small child.  Maybe it's pathetic fallacy but I feel as though everyone's mood starts to coincide with the gloomy weather.  Taxi drivers honk even that much more and less people stop to help with directions.  Beware of the umbrella carriers in a rush...I've almost lost both my eyes on numerous occasions. 

I guilt-fully admit my own strange behaviour which I blame wholeheartedly on the weather. I, a decent human being, have become ... an umbrella snatcher.  Not by choice, I assure you.  It's the darn elements I tell ya.  My roommate & I were caught out in the torrential downpours 2 nights in a row on our way back from the Gramercy & Bowery Hotels.  Our clutches (which barely fit my lipgloss on a good night) leave no room for cumbersome rain protection so we were forced to go out without.  Of course it's never raining at the beginning of the night so you naively believe it'll hold off until you return home, safe & warm to your bed.

Naive thinking indeed.  I guess you can call it plain old stupidity.  I mean when the forecast calls for THUNDERSTORMS, you should probably take that into consideration.

In the lobbys of these 2 hotels (both on separate nights), they had an abundance of complimentary (for guests I'm assuming) umbrellas.  When I say abundance, I really mean 3-4.  The umbrellas being all black (of course), the bellman would never know I wasn't a guest.  I had met friends on the rooftop for a drink so that must count for something, right?  

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  The prospect of a long walk home, in heels and with a lack of waterproof mascara to boot, finally made me take the plunge.  I was only half wet by the time I got home (K & I shared so the outer halves of our bodies didn't quite fit under the canopy)

I am forever indebted to the Gramercy & Bowery for their generous offerings of complimentary black umbrellas.

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Anonymous said...

i miss you. love ayrian.