Friday, June 19, 2009

Star Spotting 101: COURTNEY LOVE

Last night was another exciting celebrity encounter! I must have done something good in a past life, or I'm just in the right place at the right time? Whatever the case, all this good luck is bound to run out soon enough.

Kristin and I went out for a (semi) low key night at a little Mexican place we discovered with salsa dancing, a live band & the best margaritas around. (Many of the dancers must have been should see the way they can move their hips!) After warding off advances from middle-aged Mexican men we decided it was time to head home...another early work morning awaited.

We'd walked down Broadway to get to the restaurant so decided why not take another route home (the more sightseeing / walking in New York, the better!) so we cut across Mercer Street in SoHo to get to 5th ave. It's about 11:30 on a Thursday night so the streets are decently deserted. As we're walking along we see a group of about 4 rockstar looking guys (shaggy hair, tight studded jeans...nothing unusual for the area) & a woman, similarly dressed. They're just standing on the sidewalk ahead of us having a smoke. The woman (wearing black skinny jeans, a see-thru white top with black bra and some sort of feather hairclip in her bleach blonde mess of hair, complete with liquid black eyeliner) was waving her cigarette exaggerately while explaining a story to her companions. She sort of resembled a drugged-out, aged version of an Olsen.

It was COURTNEY LOVE. No one was around, no body guards, nothing. Just a few stragglers on the other side of the street who didn't notice or didn't care that Courtney Love is casually standing on a street corner smoking. I slowed my pace considerably, and could have easily bumped elbows with her if I'd tried.
I didn't want to interrupt her story, especially after hearing how much of a loose cannon she can be. I stopped at the end of the sidewalk and stared in amazement for awhile, contemplating what I should do, what I should say? (I really need to work on these skills, I seem to always be caught off guard and turn into a fumbling idiot) Its almost surreal. It's like seeing a tabloid photo magically come to life.

Just as I'm about to work up the confidence to go ask her for a picture, she skips back into the Mercer Hotel (she seemed to have consumed a bit of liquid courage, or some other substance, by the way she flung her teeny tiny body around)

My roommate & I didn't want to go home just yet so she suggested we head into the Mercer Kitchen (attached to the hotel lobby, its been on our list of places to try) for a glass of wine as a night cap. (Being from California & having interviewed many celebs for Women's Wear, she's not as phased by star sightings as I seem to be, which is good as she helps me maintain some sort of composure haha!) You just don't walk past Courtney Love everyday on the sidewalks of Oakville.
So we walk into Mercer Kitchen & lo-and-behold, Courtney is sitting at the table directly infront of us. There's a frosted glass partition that separates part of the bar with the lobby restaurant (its an interesting setup). We could see her outline perfectly and if you moved your head slightly to the left of the partition, she was RIGHT THERE, in the flesh.

We sipped our wine slowly, watching as the waitresses & bartender carefully poured champagne and smiled winningly when they saw how big their tip was.

After paying the bill we headed to the bathroom before the walk home. Well to get to the bathroom we had to walk right past Courtney's table. I could have reached out and pulled one of her feathers if I wanted to. On the way back from the bathroom we had to pass her table again, this time she was facing us directly. As we were passing (she was telling another animated story, something about her daughter & teenage girls) she did a double take, looking us up & down (as though she were checking out our outfits) looked right into my eyes, smiled & continued on with her story.
Another great night in the city. Even the rain held off on the walk home!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting! Although not sure it's actually a good thing if Courtney Love is crazy about your outfit haha