Monday, July 13, 2009

Alcoholics Anonymous

This post is not for the faint of heart. It might be quite graphic at some points. Reader be warned. If vomit makes you squeemish, I advise you to not read on.

Haha ok now that I have the disclaimer out of the way, this escapade happened on Thursday after work.

The Harry Potter red carpet premiere was taking place at Ziegfeld Theatre on W54th (a short subway ride away). I of course took it upon myself to check out the festivities, hoping to catch a glimpse of Hermoine or little Ron Ginger (Harry creeps me out personally, maybe it was ever since his nude role on Broadway but i've always seen him in a different did many of the audiences who saw his uhh performance I guess you could pun intended)

Needless to say, I've read the entire JK Rowling series (although I forget most of it now, I was too busy trying to read the ogres in record time! It's been a few years since they came out as well.) But for some reason I find myself just as excited to see the movie...even though I can vaguely remember the plot line. I guess I can just chalk it up to good ol' nostalgia.

(I'll try to blog about the Harry Potter premiere soon - once I upload my pictures!! I did see all my fav Hogwarts least they should be alum by now...they're looking a bit old for wand waving...Lance Bass was also in attendance...why you ask? I have no idea. I just hope N'Sync doesn't make a comeback in the soundtrack or anything..90's pop doesn't really fit in with my idea of a magical wizarding world)

The reason for this blog, however, occurred ON THE WAY to view the red carpet. In the subway as a matter of fact.

As I mentioned above, I was going straight from work so it was "rush hour" on the subway. No one really has cars in the city so everyone is hustling to get home.

I was waiting to take the Q train all the way uptown to 57th street & walk the 3 blocks to the theatre (the fastest route according to - as the train is whizzing into the station & slowing to a stop, I can clearly see how jam packed all of the cars are. People are squished in like sardines. The car that stops infront of me is surprisingly somewhat empty, except for a few people huddled in the back corner (from what I can see through the windows). I naively think nothing of it except that "Oh good! Now I don't have to stand in my heels the entire way."

If I'd thought a little more I should have realized that this was NOT normal to have a half empty car during rush hour.

I step into the car as I take a sip of my jamba juice (they don't have any Booster Juice's here to my was an acai super antioxidant one.. just incase you were wondering haha!)

Anyway, I'm getting off track.... (haha puns amuse me)

So as I step on, the overwhelming stench of stomach fluids (tried to word it as nicely as possible) engulfed my nasal caveties. It was a challenge in itself to keep myself from gagging.

I followed the trail of unprocessed food chunks and semi-transparent fluid that is ALL OVER (and i mean ALL OVER) the floor and my gaze lands on a disheveled, youing, homeless man. His head is forward, chin to his chest. 100% PASSED OUT. I think if a nuclear bomb went off he wouldn't even stir, he might throw up again, but he would not be waking up.

In any case, this man, who is UNCONSCIOUS, is continuously throwing up all over himself and the rest of the car. Despite how disgusting it was, I was also sort of impressed. It's quite the feat to projectile vomit while being asleep. I've never seen anything like it! And if he's so homeless - where did he get all of this food to throw up in the first place!? I mean this guy was not stopping. If there was a guiness world book of records for the longest throwing up session (while unconscious) this man would win, hands down.

There was a group of teenagers huddled in the back of the car just watching in awe. I at least had the good sense to dart OUT of the car & into the next one.

Someone in the car I was in said they would go get a cop (or tell someone!) once we got to the end of the line (which just happened to be 57th stop)

Unfortunately for the passed out man, at the end of the line there is a long delay before it turns around and re-routes....the doors stay open so everyone walking by on the platform can see in...he was STILL GOING by the time we reached 57th street & put on quite the show for every single person filing out.

I didn't have a chance to wait around to see if he finally got help (or arrested) but I do hope he's ok in the long matter how vile witnessing that was.

So kids, the moral of the story is...

Don't Drink & Subway ;)

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