Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy (Belated) 142nd Canada!

Even though I'm in the 
states, I couldn't let Canada Day go by without paying my respects! 

Apparently my family didn't think I could either.  When my sister Grace came to visit she delivered some patriotic paraphernalia.  A flag (which turned out to be a banner), sparkly body stickers (my fav part), and mardi gras necklaces with Canada shot glasses.  (Encouraging underage drinking are we?...kidddddding)  Actually, it was very kind of them!   It was approaching July 4th....stores weren't exactly stocking their shelves with beaver hats & mooseheads.

Now that I had my gear, all I had to do was find a venue where I wouldn't get boo-ed or kicked out.  Not as easy as I originally thought..

The day of I was still frantically searching ABOOT for somewhere to show my Cdn pride ! 

I finally stumbled upon 2 places.

Joe's Pub - $30 to get in & blasting Avril Lavigne all night in celebration.....really Joe?  Is that the best you can do?  Valiant effort, but there's only so much Sk8er Boi I can take in one night.

Mama's Bar - No cover. FREE POUTINE ALL NIGHT. Canadian drink specials including: $4 Molson, Blue & Moosehead pints on tap.  Singing of the national anthem at 10pm.  Dress code: red & white, maple leafs, Cdn hockey jersey or a beaver hat.

ding ding ding. I think we have our winner.

I recruited my honorary canadian, K, for the night (which I was so very proud!) and we trekked our way over to the east village.  Met a few hotshots (I guess they're in every country) but the crowd was pretty decked out & very proud to be Canadian!  The poutine & imported beers ran out early (hot commodity) but I got to celebrate Canada Day in New York City, in style!  What more can you ask for?

post script:  the free chocolate chip cookies on the way home was the cherry on top of a very fun night!

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