Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Ran into Kristen Johnston . . . Literally

I worked late today and as I was rushing home (while texting on my cell)  I LITERALLY bumped into Kristen Johnston.  (Don't worry if the name doesn't ring a bell!)  

I looked up & quickly apologized (I'm Canadian after all ... saying "sorry" is a reflex)  and recognized her right away from 3rd Rock from the Sun!!!  She looks EXACTLY the same except about 100 lbs lighter!  She nodded in acknowledgment (although she was texting too so I'd say the blame should have been equally distributed)  then quickly put her head back down and kept walking past me.  I remember a month ago someone in my office saying they saw her in Union Square park during their lunch break.  She must live closeby!

She was dressed entirely in black and blonde hair pulled back loosely in a bun (kind of like the 1st picture...just in black clothing!).  Most recently she can be seen in Bride Wars (Anne Hathaway's colleague/maid of honor).

Note to self:  Always keep your head up while walking around the streets of New York, you never know who you might see...or bump into!

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