Monday, July 6, 2009

MMM Gnocchi

Ever since I first tried the gnocchi at Bertoldi's in London it has become one of my favourite pasta dishes!

One day I was CRAVING Bertoldi's gnocchi and it hit me. I am in New York City. Home to.....Little Italy! If they don't have mind-numbingly good gnocchi then I don't know who will.

I googled and asked around the office for THE BEST gnocchi places in Little Italy. La Mela Ristorante & Angelo's were the final 2 contenders.

Over the long weekend I finally got to sample Angelo's hand-rolled gnocchi. It was amazing, the portions were large (yay leftovers) and it melted in your mouth. Paired with the delicious red wine we ordered, it was a winning combo.


It still wasn't as good as Bertoldi's. I don't know if its the sauce or the red pepper flakes but Bertoldi's is still the front runner in my and my friend Carlee's opinions. (We've sampled both!)

I'll give La Mela Ristorante a fair chance (I'm sure it's delicious either way!) but I know where I'm going for dinner once I get back to London.

Side Note: The same night I tried Angelo's in Little Italy, my friends Carlee & Max (and my bf Brendan) met Simon from 7th Heaven!! He was at the same restaurant. I wonder what he thought of the gnocchi...

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