Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Movie Nights in Bryant Park !


Mondays often get a bad wrap.  They come AFTER a nice carefree weekend (they definitely aren't Fun Fridays!) and they mark the beginning of long work week ahead.  Moody Mondays, I like to call them.  People are usually pretty worn out from the weekends festivities so they are usually more low-key and well, boring.  Don't you notice that many more grumpy (the 7th dwarfs) on Mondays than say, a Friday afternoon??  I definitely do.  And that select few who's 2-day wknd hangover has finally caught up with them?  Run for cover.  (That's all I'm saying).

Usually Monday nights, after a long work day, are used for some R&R (Rest & Recovery, in this case).  Not a lot happens.  I really think its too bad that Mondays have such a bad reputation.  I feel like all the days of the week should be fun...especially in the summer!  

In New York, I feel guilty if I don't maximize every minute that I'm here!  Time flies freakishly fast and I'd hate for August to come without me experiencing as much as humanly possible.  So every Monday night I find myself looking for something (low-keyish) that won't take an even bigger chunk out of my weekend spending than I already have.

Bryant Park - you have answered my Monday Blues!  

Kristin, Jenn and I experienced our 1st summer 2009 Movie Night in Bryant Park !!!  It's put on for free by HBO & Warner Brothers.  Every Monday hundreds of people gather in the park with blankets, picnics, bottles of wine and good friends to catch one of the old classics.  We saw Gold Diggers of 1933 - starring Ginger Rogers.  As the sunsets, balloons are released to signal the start of the movie which is preluded by old-fashioned, drive-in-style cartoons.  The kind they show in the movie Grease, like the dancing hot dog!  (this made me so happy for some reason).

Al Pacino's, Dog Day Afternoon is lined up for next Monday.  I can't wait for my lazy Monday nights under the stars!!  If you're ever in New York on a Monday in the summer, this is a MUST DO!!

ps. I took the movie on my camera - musical number of Ginger Rogers!

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