Thursday, July 9, 2009

Orange You Glad

I recently went to a Trend Conference for work to learn about the upcoming fashion trends for Fall 2009 and even as late as Fall 2010. (It still boggles my mind how they predict what will be "in" over a year in advance!) The cosmetic, fashion & even design industries continuously interchange & play off of each other.

Unfortunately one of the growing trends that I noticed resurfacing is the colour orange. I don't mind the burnt orange/auburn colours they're predicting for fall clothing, but when it comes to cosmetics....I'm having a hard time following.

Orange lips are all over the runways this season. It's the new hot lipstick colour!

I'm sure a lot of people are able to pull it off...I am definitely not one of them. I'd probably look like I just stuck my head into a big bowl of jello. (Or taken a few too many Halloween jello shooters circa....just kidding Mom! Promised I'd keep it PG)

Orange you glad trends change so quickly?

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