Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rooftops are the new.....Groundfloors?

I've noticed an interesting trend with the summer nightlife in New York ....

They really like their Rooftop Terraces / Bars.  I guess they're taking full advantage of all the breathtaking views the city has to offer.  I'm definitely not complaining.  You feel like you're in a different world.  Very posh (spice).

Some of my favourite rooftop bars are:

1.  Hotel Gansevoort - right in the middle of the Meatpacking district is probably one of my top picks.  The weekend line to get in is usually out of this world but if you're with a group of girls, you can usually sweet talk your way in at the front (no cover).  If you're with any guys they'll most likely try to get them to buy a $400+ table.  A lot of the time a group of guys will scout through the line or even the streets for attractive-looking girls to join their party & help strengthen their chances of getting in.  

It's most famous for its rooftop pool where celebs & socialites can be seen during the days, basking in the sun & sipping cocktails.  At night, the pool is closed (safety precaution I'm guessing..) but the rest of the 15th-floor penthouse opens up into The Plunge Bar.  On warm nights the entire rooftop opens & when its rainy or cold, it's covered by a glass-greenhouse like structure.  There's also an inside-lounge, usually filled to the brim with trendy 20-somethings & loaded wall-streeters.  The decor & low lighting are super chic & perfect for a fun night out. Drinks will cost you an arm & a leg.  Like I said, there are many eager gentlemen waiting to share the bounty of bottleservice they've overpaid for to get in.  That is, if you're willing to put up with over-the-top stories of their multiple estates in the Hamptons and South of France that you know they've told countless times before.

The best part is sipping drinks on the outside balcony with a group of friends overlooking the bright lights below and catching up on the week - it almost feels like a scene from Sex & the City... except you're living it!

2.  Hudson Terrace - This one is all the way on the upper west side and has by far the best views of the Hudson river after opening last year!  It's a little taste of Miami in Manhattan. It has floor to ceiling glass windows that are perfect for watching the sunset on one of the white leather couches.  The decor is modern with wood panelling, all-white furniture & touches of pink flowers.  Again, drink prices are steep.  A gin & tonic cost me $13....without the tip.  But it's well-worth checking out at least once for the view alone.

3. Gramercy Hotel Rooftop - You have to be a guest at the hotel, or at least know someone staying at the hotel to get a reservation on the private rooftop but I highly recommend it as a great place to grab a drink on a weeknight.  You feel like you're in someone's luxurious garden with greenery & white lights covering the ceiling and walls.  It's a very relaxing & intimate setting.  I had such a fun night just sipping a glass of white wine (haha which was the only thing I could really afford) & chatting with new friends after a long work day.

Those are my top 3 to try!  Definitely not something I could afford all the time on an intern budget but they can make for some of the best nights out!

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