Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shake Shack

I must be unusually hungry lately because this next post is again about food!  I'm actually surprised it's taken me so long to write about ....

This highly popular burger joint resides in Madison Square Park and is a MUST during the summer months. 

Don't let the ridiculously long line scare you away.  It moves (relatively) quickly and makes the food taste that much better when you finally have your first bite!  The wait isn't half bad when with a group of friends on a warm summer night.  

They also have a "Shack Cam" on their website where you can check to see how long the line is before you head out!  (You can also pretend like you're 5 again - tell your friends to check the Shack Cam and wave like a clown.)

K compares this quaint little Manhattan staple to the "In-and-Out Burger" in California.  I've never tried it (although I most definitely have to now) but if its anything like Shake Shack, I will be in burger heaven.  One difference is that you can't drive up to The Shack.  It's right in the middle of Madison Sq Park on 23rd surrounded by wrought-iron tables and twinkle lights throughout the trees.  

The classic order (or at least what I recommend!) is "The Shack Burger" (if you're going to wait in the line...you've gotta go all out, can't just get a Diet Coke and call it a night..its the summer, use a few of those saved up calories, its well worth it I assure you!) and a side of their fries.  (They offer cheese fries as well but thats just too "Mean Girls" for me)  

All of their food is prepared right then and they use all organic, local ingredients.  (Nice little plug there)  For organic, it's still relatively cheap (unlike Whole Paycheck...the only grocery store nearby...I'm still bitter..) The Shack Burger is only $4.75 & Fries - $2.75!  (Trust me, in this city, thats a steal)  Even their pops (or sodas) taste so much better than usual.  I don't know what it is!  Apparently they're famous for their Frozen Custard drinks (basically milkshakes) but its a meal in itself.  You don't want to be too full to enjoy all the deliciousness the main course has to offer!

I'm sorry in advance to all my herbivore friends.  I have NOT tried their vegetarian option but I have it from a very good source (Jackie from work) that their "Shroom Burger" (yeah I know you like the name) is just as flavorful.  (Meat is Murder - Alexandra)  I like veggie burgers so I might try this one out next time!  I'll let you know.

Just last night as we were coming home from our picnic in Bryant Park (Monday Night movie!!) a group of us splurged on a Shake Shack "Concrete" which is frozen custard (ice cream blended at a very high speed basically) called "The Shack Attack" ... it tasted like a DQ Brownie Blizzard (but 10x better).  Very decadent, but good, as is everything there!

Another highly recommended New York City summer eatery :)

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