Thursday, July 16, 2009

Simon Says...nothing at all

I haven't had a chance to blog about this celebrity encounter yet which happened a few weekends ago.  

Brendan & I were meeting our friends Carlee & Max in Little Italy for dinner.  I had been compiling a list of the BEST gnocchi places in Manhattan (ref: MM Gnocchi post) and on a whim picked the restaurant, Angelo's, to try first.  It started with an "A" - why not go in alphabetical order?

Carlee & Max were already waiting for us inside as Brendan & I walked up to our dinner destination.  As we're walking past the outdoor patio, a young guy wearing a white touque caught my eye.  (Even Brendan confessed later that he'd noticed him for his attire, but wouldn't have known him to be famous)  Who wears a touque in the middle of summer?  It was a particularly warm night as well, definitely an odd choice.  

As we got a little closer, I instantly recognized him as SIMON CAMDEN!  I had no idea what his real name was but he was 100% the little Simon I'd seen on re-runs of the popular, late 90's show, 7th Heaven.  (I googled his real name afterwards - it's David Gallagher).  

He was sitting right at the very front of the white-picket fenced in patio.  His lame (sorry, had to be said) white hat also stuck out like a sore thumb.  He definitely wasn't trying to hide from any paparazzi.  (Not that there would be any considering his only claim to fame, that I know of, is as "Young Simon"...he also dated Megan Fox before she shot to stardom...I bet he's regretting that breakup right about now..)

Coincidently, his girlfriend (sitting across from him) looked like a wannabe Megan Fox...except she was a bit below the bar...some might say she missed the bar entirely...but that's just cruel.

In any case, I squealed to Carlee as soon as we got inside, "Do you know who's sitting right on the patio of this restaurant!?"   
I pointed him out through the window (and Car, being a 7th Heaven watcher herself, recognized him too!)  We decided to go for "a walk" (while we let the boys peruse the wine list) and figure out a game plan.  We beelined across the street to a stand selling scarves.  While we pretended to pick up different colours, we were really figuring out a non-invasive way to approach him & casually ask for a photo.  (I'd already missed my chance with Courtney Love...I tell ya its scary when you see celebs in person!  You don't want to be "that" annoying fan who fawns over them.  You also don't want to miss an opportunity to capture a memorable moment!)  

The bad part was....he clearly noticed us whispering furiously a few feet away. (We were the only 2 girls around his age, minus the girlfriend, within the vicinity)  We finally just decided to go for it.  What did we have to lose?  It's only SIMON!  He's a good little Christian lad.  ... At least he played one on TV.

It was Carlee (she's a braver soul than I) who actually spoke to him first and inquired about taking a photo.  

An awkward pause ensued . . .

He looked at his girlfriend for approval before standing up.  She raised her head ever so slightly (which she kept bent the rest of the time) and said in a sarcastic tone "I hope you don't expect ME to take it."

No offense lady but it's not like we're after your boyfriend, little Simo, here.  You should be flattered someone even still recognizes him!  Its your only claim to fame darlin'.  We really just want a picture.

(oh and for the record, we weren't interrupting them in mid conversation or anything, we really did try to time it as nicely as possible!)
Simon warmed up a bit (you could tell he was trying to be a little reserved for his uppity girlfriend's sake) and graciously took 2 pictures with us.

We thanked them & apologized for bothering them.  I told them that I hoped they enjoyed the rest of their dinner!  (We got a little half smile from Simo out of that)

Although it was not the reaction we were hoping for from Reverand Camden's son, I guess it's to be expected from a former child star?  He seemed a little boring...maybe when his girlfriend gets the stick removed from her behind, he'll lighten up a bit more.  ...She's probably just upset that she's not Megan Fox.  ... although I'm sure he's MORE upset that she's not Megan Fox.

I should have asked him this one burning question :

Where can you go when the world don't treat you right?
The answer is home!!!!!!!
That's the only place you'll find,
7th Heaven.

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