Monday, August 3, 2009

Sway with The Smiths

Last night I FINALLY went to The Smiths/Morrissey night at the (quote) "sexy lounge" (unquote) called Sway on Spring St in SoHo.

In 2006 it won a "Best of New York" award for Best Sunday-Night party. It did not disappoint.

The Moroccan-themed club is darkly lit with orange-tinged lanterns & candles illuminating hidden nooks and velvet seating.

Although the line was not "around the block" as I'd been pre-warned, the small lounge did become increasingly packed as the night progressed.

The crowd was an eccletic mix of edgy hipsters and die-hard Morrissey fans. Flannel shirts, tight pants, black vests, pleathers & fedoras were out in full force. K & I surprisingly fit in quite nicely. (Thankfully she told me to nix my preppy tory flats beforehand...) Everyone, to put it bluntly, was just so... cool. You want to be apart of whatever artistic, free-spirit lifestyle they have. I found myself wondering what exactly it is they talk about to each other. I feel like they must recite such insightful, stoner-esque poetry.

Despite the no-smoking laws in the city (circa 02/03) - people were lighting up freely inside. We got asked a few times for a cigarette. Unfortunately (for them) I don't smoke so this might have taken down my "cool" factor only slightly. It added to the laid-back attitude though.
The dance floor might have been my favourite part. There was no awkwardness (like a grade 7 dance), people were "swaying" & singing every last word to all The Smiths songs. There was something about the energy in the room. Everyone was just so happy to be there, enjoying the music & each other. You felt carefree & alive (as corny as that sounds).

I wish everday is like sunday.

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