Monday, August 3, 2009

Uncle Jesse

Saturday night I went out for dinner around the West Village at a new buzzed about Italian eatery - Da Silvano. The food was impeccable (try any of the pasta dishes!! - go big or go home) & the candlelight atmosphere was lovely. Gotta have that ambiance.

Attached beside Da Silvano is another popular restaurant; Bar Pitti. The front patios of both are conjoined. K and I were confused at first as to which restaurant was ours! As we're walking by Bar Pitti...who do we see sitting smack dab in the middle of the patio...but JOHN STAMOS! (aka. Uncle Jesse from Full House) I must have eagle eye vision to spot these obscure sightings. He was facing the sidewalk (looking daper as ever) with a mysterious blonde companion sitting across from him (her back to us). I froze in my tracks for a minute, rubbed my eyes, and yep, he was still there - tall, dark and handsome.

After we'd finished our dinner and we were walking home, I peeked to see if he'd left - nope, still chatting away. An Asian woman was pretending to pose infront of the restaurant as her boyfriend snapped a "strategic" photo. ....Even I'm not that bad.

In any case - definitely try either Bar Pitti or Da Silvano. If not only for the food, but the company as well!

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