Friday, May 28, 2010


Ay Matey!

Fleet Week 2010 has arrived and the streets are littered with a shipload of sailors and marines!  Decked out in full uniform day & night, they're easy to spot, and eager to use their star status to their full advantage.  

Once the thunderstorm had passed, I decided to meet up with some friends and hit the town.  After meeting at another NYU dorm to warm up our livers we hailed a fleet of cabs.  Somehow the group split up, with the majority staying at the Hudson Terrace (overlooking the docked ships on the Hudson River!)

One of the guys I was with let it slip that he had VIP bottle service at TenJune. um, WHAT!?!  Way to casually drop that fun little fact.
I've waited in the ridiculously long line at TenJune a few times over the past few summers to no avail.  Sadly my pockets aren't gold-lined enough to grease up the crew of mean muggin' security either.  I'd always been curious to see what the hype was about.  It was as though my new friend was handing me Willy Wonka's golden ticket, in the most non-chalent, shoulder-shrugging kind of way.

We got dropped off on the cobblestoned streets of the Meatpacking District before heading inside. That's where we saw SAILORS GALORE!  They walk together in a sea of white clusters.  I don't know if its the uniforms or liquid courage (I imagine them drinking Captain Morgan's only) or the fact that "bravery" is a pre-requisite in their line of work but they have no qualms about approaching you.  I got into a nice discussion with one who was celebrating his new promotion to Petty Officer Third Class.  I congratulated him but said that "Petty" Officer made it sound more like a demotion. (the definition of petty is "of little importance" after all!)  He didn't think it was very funny.
Apparently Admirals are the top dog, but you have to be 55+ to get there.

I also learned that there is a difference between "marines" and "sailors."  Supposedly it's incredibly insulting to call a marine, a "sailor."  They looked the same to me!  Also, another sailor we met was from Barry, Ontario!  Small world.


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