Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Laguna in NYC

I had my 1st celebrity encounter walking to work on Monday...well I guess you could say "pseudo-celebrity" as most of you probably will have no clue who she is.  I was with my Mom on the sidewalk walking along Broadway, just past Madison Square Park, when I instantly recognized the girl walking towards us.  Her last name escaped me at the time, but it was Morgan Olsen....former star of Laguna Beach Season 1!  She was the best friend of the reverands daughter - the two of them were best known for their pledge to "save themselves" for marriage.  I recognized her right away (embarrassingly, I was watching re-runs only a few months ago...sad, I know)  A google search reminded me of her last name & showed her facebook profile, which states that her "Current City" is New York, New York.  It confirmed to me that it was absolutely her!  Funny enough, the episode that I watched was when her & Christina go to New York for spring break instead of Cabo! Oh, the irony.
While she is no Brad Pitt, still a fun little sighting at 8am on a Monday morning. She appeared to be headed to work (wherever that may be).

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