Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Allo Allo Ol' Chaps

My sincerest apologies for the prolonged delay since my last post.  I've been as buzzy as a bumblebee (always a good thing) but haven't had the chance to chronicle my latest New York trysts.  Time waits for no one...especially in this city! :) 
I promise to make it up to you as I'm dreadfully overcaffeinated, with plenty of escapades to tell. 

Work-wise, it's been quite eventful lately!  The most exciting parts have been meeting with Vogue, Glamour & Oprah Magazines (free swag galore! yippee!) and attending a YSL Beauty event at Bloomingdales. 

We've also been celebrating quite a few birthdays in the office.  God forbid anyone reveal their true age in this industry...'tis sacrilegious to even ask!  Crumbs Cupcakes are the tradition (similar to Magnolia's but 10x fresher!) It's a good thing New Yorkers are so waif-y...all the more red velvet for me!

Posts about the following are soon to uhh...follow (for lack of a better word):
- Rubicon Filming & Betty White Red Carpet
- Hipster comedy nights
- Yankees
- Limo Kidnapping
- The elusive $1 Bill

Cheerio (for now) !

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