Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get Outta HAIR!?

With Friday & Monday off for Memorial Day, its been one helluva long weekend.

My roommate has become increasingly more bizarre & luckily I am moving into a new NYU dorm in SoHo.  A couple of her eccentricities include:

1. Me walking into the bathroom one morning to discover the floor and entire garbage can overflowing with long, black hair. I just about threw up. It looked as though she'd taken 10 of Cher's stage wigs and chopped them up all over the bathroom and thrown the rest into the garbage. But nope, apparently she decided to cut 12 INCHES off (yes, 12!!) of her own hair in the middle of the night! She refuses to clean it up or throw out the garbage can that is overflowing with her mane (I would but I think my upchuck reflux would kick in & make an even bigger mess) so I've taken to a) going in there as little as possible and b) wearing sandals at ALL TIMES. 

2. She is also nocturnal and does not appear to leave her bed all day or night. She sits in her pajamas on her laptop all night long speaking in Chinese to her friends back home (who are on a different time zone, I understand...but when its 4am and your roommate is trying to sleep because of work the next think she'd get the hint!)  I've tried to teach myself to fall asleep with the lights on but I just can't do it. The light switch is beside her bed so at 2am (when I can't take it anymore) I'll go turn it off myself.  She won't look at me or say a word.  She just puts in her headphones & switches from talking out loud to her computer TYPING furiously until at least 6am. I'm not sure which is more irritating.

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