Thursday, June 3, 2010

Homage to the Nomads

Nomad: a member of a group of people who has no permanent home, but moves about according to the seasons

I received a notice on my door this morning that someone is moving into my bed on Sunday afternoon. (Poor Soul)
The only problem is, I'm in Toronto for my Aunts wedding this weekend... I'm flying out after work, hence NO time to pack up my entire room, not to mention, find a place to store it all until I return!  I pleaded with the building manager to give me until Monday cigar. The new "tenant" will need a place to sleep & unpack.  Finally we compromised that if I packed up the lot, I could leave it in the hall closet, pick it up Sunday night & check-in to my new digs before midnight. (How Cinderella)

I was on my lunch break so I had to turbo pack, in a record...45 minutes! (Mind you, it took me about a week prior to's hard fitting 3 months worth of shoes, clothes, bedding etc into only 2 bags!) Somehow I did it! Not an easy feat.

It got me thinking...and into a conversation with a coworker, about being nomadic.

Sometimes I feel as though all I do is move!  I'm always weary of fully unpacking anything because I'm bracing myself for the next inevitable change of location.  I don't own a single piece of property to my name, yet I'm bouncing back & forth between my parents house (which I would consider my primary home...however, I'm there the least!), my place in London (which I've moved every year for the past 3 years!) my cottage...and New York in the summers!  My next big move is to Hong Kong...(that's going to be a packing nightmare).

I'm used to sleeping in different beds (not like that!) and buying multiples of useless things (ie. alarm clock, sheets, dishes etc.) that I already own, it's just scattered amongst various homes!

I used to think being a gypsy was so cool (like Anouk in Chocolat!)...but I think it'd be really nice to have a place of my own. One that I could decorate to my hearts content! (and not have to sleep with the lights on!)

I still love to travel of course, its just that I can see how the life of a nomad can get pretty tiring at times is all :)

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