Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorable Memorial Weekend

On another (more exciting) note, here's a brief summary of my long weekend!

I met up with a friend for dinner at my favourite thai restaurant called Republic, in Union Square. (Get the glass noodles if you ever go!) Dessert was hot chocolate in a hug mug (at Max Brenners..where else!?) followed by Sex & the City 2 at the Loews theatre on Broadway & 19th. (side note: I can't wait to deck out my own apartment someday like Carrie & Bigs! ABC Carpet & Home will be my first stop...)
I ended up running into 2 girls at the same SATC showing (shout out to Sarah & Alex!) that I used to dance with back home. Maybe New York isn't so big afterall.

After a day of tanning at Sheeps Meadow in Central Park, we had free VIP bottle service (yippee!) & patron (on iceee) at Greenhouse. The club is made out of recyclable material & uses LED lighting. The walls are made of sustainable bamboo and covered in real leaves/moss. The hanging glass beads from the ceiling almost look like raindrops in a tropical forest.

Shopping by day and dinner at Robert De Niro's restaurant; Tribeca Grill, with some friends who'd just arrived in the city to start their summer jobs. We toasted over some yummy champagne to the summer ahead!


Coney Island for Memorial Day...sounded like a good idea in theory...

It's always been on my NYC summer "To Do" lists as something that you've gotta check out. Let me save you some trouble & put it on your "To Don't" list instead. I'm sure the fact that it was a national holiday added to the pandemonium but I have never (in my life) seen a place as crowded as this. Everyone was packed in like could barely see the water even when you were standing on the beach! We finally found a small patch of sand for us to lay down but we kept all of our belongings tightly gripped. It was so crowded & filthy, that just when I'd think it was safe to close my eyes, I'd get hit in the head with a empty chip bag or paper cup! It was as though we were lying in a landfill of sand..well maybe not exactly, but close enough! The NYPD helicopters circling overhead & gangs being chased by police with bats perfectly completed the scenery. Lets just say we stood out like sore thumbs in the mob and were approached many times by sketchy boys (who maaaybe, just maybe had celebrated their 10th birthday) trying to sell us 'special juice.' Needless to say - we politely refused and eventually hopped back on the subway to take a hot shower at home!

ps. I will upload my own pictures from these events soon!!

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