Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monday Mood Boosters

My walk to and from work this past Monday was particularly eventful.

As I was humming along to my ipod, I noticed pink signs posted everywhere.  I recognized them from witnessing the Gossip Girl & Remember Me film shoots from last summer!  That's when I spotted the trailers, Kraft Food Service table (I was ever so tempted to pick up some breakfast)...and a camera crew!  I saw a few people mingling about who were in full makeup and appeared to be actors.  They had that 'aura' about them. (None of which I recognized, sadly).

I studied the pink signs more closely and the Production Title said; "Rubicon." (Didn't ring any bells)
I had to keep moving so I still had enough time to grab a coffee at Grey Dogs (a Monday morning treat).  Wikipedia tells me that Rubicon is a new show on AMC about "a New York intelligence analyst at a national think tank, who discovers that his employers are apart of a secret society who manipulate world events on a grand scale." (Thanks Wiki)

Seeing a film set of any kind always gives me a nice little adrenaline boost for the day.

On my walk home, I passed an entire red carpet outside of the Crosby Hotel in SoHo.  The backdrop said "Hot in Cleveland."  Now this, I actually HAVE heard of!  (Only because it's posted on every bus, subway car and billboard around the city lately.)  Hot in Cleveland is TV Land's new comedy starring Betty White & Valerie Bertinelli!  I didn't see any of them as I walked by, but I did see plenty of unknowns being snapped by the paparazzi as they were ushered into the hotel at the end of the red carpeted runway.

Next week the HBO Bryant Park film festival starts!  Monday's are looking mighty fine.

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Dax Snaer said...

I loved Rubicon and still think that closing down production was more intriguing than keeping the show going. Thanks for your blog, by the way.