Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sample Sale Season!

One of my favourite things about June in New York....SAMPLE SALES! 

Word of mouth & fashion blogs are usually the best ways to scope out where the hottest ones are.  Some are only 1 day blowouts (ex. Rachel Comey) or up to 4 days long. 
(Tips: It's best to go on the 2nd day!  Day 1 = insanely long lines & manhandling once you're inside....Day 2 = the line hype has died down & they start discounting even FURTHER than the day before....going on the last day is risky because most of the good stuff will have already been picked over. After work the lines are the longest so try going early afternoon!)

I just went to the Catherine Malandrino sample sale & ended up getting a gorgeous skirt from the new summer 2010 collection!  While I was in the change room, a woman came around & announced that everything was discounted a further 30%...for no reason at all!  If I hadn't opted to try it on....and bought it 10 minutes earlier...I would have missed the extra savings. (Sa-wheet!)

Tory Burch is next on my hit list...

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