Thursday, July 8, 2010


HOLY TOLEDO (batman)!

I just rode the ele-(ele)-vator with America Ferrera! (otherwise known as Ugly Betty..or Carmen in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants...I have sisters, it's fair game that I've seen that movie)

I was heading up from the 2nd floor to a meeting on the 6th (EA now owns multiple floors).  The light dings on one of the elevators and as the doors open, there I am, face-to-face, with America Ferrera! My eyes bugged out like a lemur in astonishment. There were 2 other people in the elevator with her...they proceeded to get off on the 3rd and 4th floors...stalling the elevator ride...and leaving us alone in the cubicle-sized space until I had to get off at the 6th (she was going to the 8th floor...which is the same floor that 50 Cent got off at when I rode the elevator with him two summers boss says it is either a celebrity lawyers or celebrity accountants office...I'm checking the directory when I head out for lunch.  I also may mistakenly press a wrong button on my way out..."whooops, this isn't the lobby..whaat!?")

I tried not to stare too noticeably but it's kinda hard when you're in such a small, enclosed area.  She was wearing gym clothes (black lululemon capris & a white t-shirt) with her dark hair slicked up into a ponytail with sunglasses resting on her head.  She was makeup free, yet still looked just as gorgeous as when she's all done-up.  She was also looking quite svelte (hence the gym clothes perhaps?) 

We made eye contact a few times and gave each other one of those meak, no-teeth smiles, as though to acknowledge one another but she didn't appear to be in a talkative mood.  I'm always so aghast at what to do in these situations.  I thought about bringing up the insane heatwave we're currently experiencing, but she'd probably see right through that & I'd end up looking like a bumbling idiot.  I mean the temperature of 105 F is right there on the elevator TV screen...she can see for herself how hot it is outside, she doesn't need me pointing out the obvious.

Eventually (it seemed like an exceptionally long ride), the doors opened onto the 6th floor and I did the Mary Kate & Ashley-esque, pursed lip, grin to bid my elevator companion adieu. She nodded in farewell. (an ACTUAL headnod! My heart may or may not have skipped a beat).  You normally do that sort of friendly gesture as you enter/exit the elevator here but simply because it was America Ferrera, it just felt like so much more!

A coworker told me after that she recently got engaged.  I could have congratulated her! (that's a real ice breaker...a creepy, stalkerish one however).  I feel so inconsiderate.  Now I'll never be invited to the wedding!  She must be thinking to herself right now, "how rude of that no-named, elevator girl not to wish me a happy engagement."  I really should be ashamed of myself.

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