Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GRACED with her Presence

A couple weekends ago, my ever-so-lovely sister (Grace) came for a visit.  I made sure that her itinerary was jam packed, down to the hour, so as not to miss a single thing this city has to offer.  (Some say neurotic, I say - necessity).
After filling each other in (speaking at a mile a minute) on our latest news, we headed over to Sweetie Pie (see post below).

Afterwards, we went to the NBA Draft Party at Greenhouse.  John Wall (1st overall pick by the Washington Wizards in the 2010 draft....don't worry, I didn't know who he was either) was the guest of honour.  At 5'2 and with blonde hair, we were noticeably out of place in his booth of basketball ogres.  We were like munchkins in a land of giants.  Our dance moves (think Saturday Night Fever & Footloose) also caused quite a stir amongst the pop-lock-n'-drop-it, bootylicious "krumpin'" that the other girls in the booth were attempting.  I don't think our "sprinkler" move went over so well.  (It is called GREENHOUSE afterall...I thought it was appropriate!?)

The following day, Grace met me after work and we checked out the Tory Burch sample sale on our journey to Central Park.  It was the last hour on the last day of the SS.  Needless to say, we left empty handed (as expected, it was all picked over).  Grace still enjoyed her 1st New York sample sale-ing experience!

After picking up Broadway tickets in Times Square & a pit stop at Pinkberry to refuel (nom nom nom), we checked out John Lennon's Imagine memorial at Strawberry Fields (forever).
A cute little toddler picked up a rose that had been left on the ground and was examining it inquisitively when another woman (not the child's mother) snapped, "THAT'S NOT YOURS TO TOUCH. IT BELONGS TO A LEGEND!" and gestured to swat the rose out of the cute, little girl's hand. (Rude!)
The little girl dropped it in fear and her mother ushered her away (while giving the yelling woman the stink eye).  I thought it was a bit dramatic...the girl was only 2 or 3 years old.  She was just being a curious george!  No need to throw a tantrum lady.  (She WAS dressed in all black, mourning-type clothing and looked on the verge of tears as she snapped a million pictures of the monument...so maybe the girl interrupted a very personal moment for her.) ....Whatever, weirdo.

We finished off the afternoon with some rowboating at the Central Park Boathouse.  This is hands down one of my ultime favourite things to do in New York.  It's a nice change from the hustle n' bustle of the city life.  As soon as you're out on the water you feel the calmness rush over you instantly.  As cliche as it is, Central Park really is just the greatest.

Side Note: If you can have brunch or dinner (sunset is the best time for dinner there!) at the Boathouse, you must do it!  There's sometimes a wait but it is well worth it.  There's also a little side patio (overlooking the water as well) that you can order a small bite to eat.  (My favourite is the cheese platter to share, complete with crackers/grapes, and a glass of wine to wash it down).

Other highlights from the weekend include:

- The Hudson Terrace Rooftop
- The Met
- The Veuve Clicquot Polo Match (with Prince Harry!)
- Glass noodles at Republic
- Brunch in SoHo with Cousin Kevin
- Promises, Promises the Broadway Play
- Dos Caminos & Merc Bar
- Max Brenners
- Shopping (you just gotta)

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