Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Honey, BRUNCHES & Oats

Brunch is the biggest thing since sliced bread here!  Every weekend you hear of people planning "brunch dates" or on Monday's being asked "so did you go out for brunch anywhere?"  There are so many amazing places, you can't help but get swept up in the trend.  If you can't beat em', join em'.  (Or "if you can't beat it, eat it" ...I just made that up now...I'll work on it haha..)

Before Omar caught his flight to Toronto, we met at a Brunch spot I've been meaning to try called, Jane.  (Balthazar is one of my absolute favourites but I wanted to try another one on my hit list)

Jane is in SoHo and offers a complimentary mimosa, screwdriver, bloody mary etc. with brunch!
It's really cute inside and the waiters are very attentive.  My bottomless coffee stayed true to its namesake as it always got refilled just before the white china started showing.  They also bring you miniature silver jugs of freshly frothed milk (I appreciate added touches like that).  Frothy milk seems like such a luxury! I may or may not have ooh la la'd.

I ordered the egg white omelette with spinach & goat cheese (YUM!) while Omar got the Eggs Benedict special.

I went to The Smith last summer for brunch (owned by the same people as Jane) which I highly recommend as well!  (I think I saw it featured in an episode of The City recently).

My friend Sarah introduced me to another cool brunch spot that must be mentioned.  It's called The Sunburnt Cow (in the East Village) and is known for their $18 Endless Brunch.  It consists of any brunch item & all-you-can-drink Moomosa's, Moo Mary's etc (clever names).  Its sister brunch spot is called Bondi Road and they both have an Australian, surfer vibe to them.  The music is great, albeit a little loud (found myself speaking at a higher decibel than usual) and they only accept ca$h.

Our waiter was an Aussie and his accent definitely added to the atmosphere.

Here's a list of some of my fav brunch joints in New York :
1. Balthazar
2. The Sunburnt Cow
3. Bondi Road
4. The Smith
5. Jane
6. Cafe Gitane
7. Cafeteria
8. Paradou
9. Gemma
10. Mudspot
(Bonus: Grey Dogs...never fails!)

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