Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jonesin' for Japanese

My friend (and Ivey classmate), Omar, stopped over in New York for a few days on his way back from Europe.  We first caught up over dinner at Robert De Niro's restaurant, Nobu.  Omar has dined here before (and I've always heard amazing reviews about it) so we were lucky that they were able to fit us in. (Reservations are pretty hard to come by, for larger parties you usually have to book well in advance). 

Omar knew exactly which were the best dishes to order so I followed his lead.  We both started with miso soup and I had the yellowtail jalapeno sushi roll while he had the fresh yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno (birds of a feather...or should I say fish of a scale? ... doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well.)  We also split their well-known (according to Omar & the waitress), Rock Shrimp Tempura.

We finished it all off with the Bento Box for dessert (chocolate fondant cake & homemade green tea matcha gelato).  We were stuffed but we just had to!!

My taste buds were doing backflips all night. Deeelish, down to the very last bite.

This past weekend I got to return to another Japanese favourite of mine; Tao.
I've been lucky enough to have gone a few times before and I would return again & again & again.  The ambiance is quintessential New York and the food never disappoints.

With a giant Buddha against the back wall spanning both levels, 2 full bars, a waiting lounge, DJ and a bongo player who mingles from table to table drumming along to the DJ's beats, it makes for a fun dining night out!

So if you're in town and looking for unparalleled sushi, you can't go wrong with either Nobu or Tao.
I'd even say go to both if you can....just watch your mercury levels!

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