Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sweetie Pie


Last summer, on my way to dinner at Cafe Condesa (a scrumptious little spot in the West Village), another restaurant caught my eye.  The giant gold bird cage glistening in the window is kind of hard to miss. 

I made a mental note of the name, "Sweetie Pie," and vowed to return again someday.  Well lo & behold, the name escaped me the very next day (typical). 

Fate stepped in that week while I was flipping through Elle magazine (it was all too coincidental even for me!)
Glaring at me in glossy print was an entire 3 page spread about "Sweetie Pie" and how it came to fruition.  I ripped out the article and saved it to remind me that I MUST go.

Not until my sister, Grace's, visit last weekend did I find the time to go! (Only an entire year after my initial discovery).  It was well worth the wait though!

We went on a Thursday night so it wasn't as busy as on weekends.  Thus, we lucked out and were able to snag the star spot in the human-sized, gold bird cage. (Very à la Miley Cyrus, "Can't Be Tamed" music video).  There are even signs posted inside, warning patrons not to attempt climbing up the cage. (Yes, because one often gets the urge to do some acrobatics while eating dinner at a restaurant)

You do kind of feel like you're in a fish bowl (of sorts), as passerby occasionally stare through the window in awe.

We noted that the atmosphere would have been cute for a date-night with the dimmed lighting & candles placed at each table.

They played everything from smooth jazz to Ella Fitzgerald to Band of Horses (I lykke li'd the soundtrack a lot).

Note: We were told that during the day on weekends it is chalked full of extravagant kid's birthday parties but turns more "adult-friendly" in the evenings.

Dessert is their speciality (but of course!) so make sure to save some room :)

The waitress was also sweet enough to give us free gumballs on our way out! (Friendly service is always a plus).

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stunning lois!!

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