Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Frying Pan

The Frying Pan has quickly moved up my list as one of the best spots to spend a New York summer night.

Located at Pier 66, right on the Hudson River, you feel like you've left the city as soon as you step out of the taxi.  The first thing that you notice is the gentle breeze coming off the water & that salty smell that feels like you're on a tropical vacation (nice break from the deathly smog).  It reminds me of relaxing nights at my cottage, sitting on the dock and watching the sunset.

There's a central tiki bar where you order drinks & food. (Classic burger & herb fries are their specialties!)  You get a ticket with a number on it and when your food is ready, it lights up on a screen so you can go pick it up from the kitchen.  While you wait, I'd recommend ordering a beer bucket (really good deal) or a pitcher of their fresh sangria. Mmm.  Burgers & booze, doesn't get much better.

There are hidden nooks on the ship and on the pier for you to sit with a group of friends.  If you can snag a spot at the bow or on the 16 ft rooftop deck, you'll have the best views of the skyline.  There's a DJ friday & saturday nights (sometimes a live band) that plays on their mini stage.

The Frying Pan is considered a historic site in New York as it is one of the few remaining lightships.  Originally built in 1929, it sank at Chesapeake Bay, was salvaged in 1989 and sailed to NYC.  The outside is fully restored but the inside (which has an exposed engine room!) still retains the quote, "barnacle-encrusted, sunken-ship notif," unquote.  It's challenging to manoevre all of the ship's step ladders in heels but well worth it for the nautical atmosphere & amazing views.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Long Live the Loonie!

Apart from its trading value (which is practically on par now anyway), the Canadian currency trumps the US by far (in my openly biased opinion)!

I never realized it until I lived here, and started to deal with US bills daily, how much of a hassle they can be.

My first issue is with the colour.  The "mean green" just really isn't working for me.  Why do they have to be all the same!?  It makes it so much more confusing (and time consuming) when riffling through your wallet, having to look at each bill, just to find a $5.  I usually end up having to pull out the entire wad of bills (which is thick due to the mass amounts of $1 bills collected in change).  It may appear as though I am rolling in ca$h money, but really it is only a very small amount (I assure you).  It does look like you're an impressive and responsible money-saver when you're out to lunch with your boss, but not so great on the busy streets of New York.  I especially hate it when I'm trying to refill my subway pass...there's always an abundance of suspicious characters lurking around down there.  I feel their beady little eyes staring at me as I try to feed money into the machine. (or maybe I'm just's a toss up)

It was so much more convenient when I could do a quick glance and pull out a bill based on colour alone.  Call me a money-racist if you will, but it saves a girl a lot of trouble!

My other beef is with the lowly $1 Bill.  They are the most useless bills of all. Not to mention a safety hazard. (Papercuts, hello!?)  Trying to feed it into a vending machine is such a challenge!  It has to be face up a certain way and perfectly smooth with no bent corners (which all of mine invaribly are).  The machine makes an awful noise & promptly rejects it if it doesn't meet the criteria.  So much easier when you could just drop in a loonie and call it a day.  The clinking noise is oddly satisfying as well.  You miss out on that musical interlude with paper.  Just sayin'.

As I mentioned previously, they're also incredibly deceiving little buggers.  You may think you have enough cash to buy that new shirt...but you could be wrong.  For example, if you open up your wallet at the counter (after waiting in line forever) and realize what you thought was a bunch of tens were just a large pack of ones. ...aaand that it's a "cash only line" is just the cherry on top.
This sort of embarrassment would be avoided if the ones were clearly separated in the change pouch (ie. LOONIES).  Hypothetically speaking of course...not like that's ever happened to me or anything.

$1 bills are also sneaky devils when taking a taxi (which is a frequent occurance here).  You sometimes may be left pondering if that was indeed a bunch of $1 bills you gave the cab driver, or if there were some extra 0's that snuck in.  Especially tricky if you're coming home late after a night on the town. (Again, hypothetically speaking of course.  I'm always in bed by 9pm and am allergic to fun.)

I'm sure that cab drivers (and strippers) are very content with the lack of colour discrepancy and $1 Bill situation.  No wonder Vegas is such a lucrative career destination.  $1 bills are great for business!  No one is tossin' loonies in cleavage. (Although the comparison to a coin slot is quite accurate).

...Now that I think about it, maybe my boss wasn't impressed by my saving skills, and just now assumes that I moonlight as a stripper on the side.  Yikes.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Naomi Watts

As Omar & I were leaving brunch, we were waiting on the corner for the walk signal and whom do we see walking towards us?  Well, none other than Naomi Watts!  She was pushing a stroller with two blonde urchins inside.  (Her kids I'm assuming)  Just out for a Saturday morning stroll in SoHo.  How lovely.

She passed us on the sidewalk & a few other heads turned to stare at her in recognition.  

Teeny little thing she is.  Cute kids too.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Honey, BRUNCHES & Oats

Brunch is the biggest thing since sliced bread here!  Every weekend you hear of people planning "brunch dates" or on Monday's being asked "so did you go out for brunch anywhere?"  There are so many amazing places, you can't help but get swept up in the trend.  If you can't beat em', join em'.  (Or "if you can't beat it, eat it" ...I just made that up now...I'll work on it haha..)

Before Omar caught his flight to Toronto, we met at a Brunch spot I've been meaning to try called, Jane.  (Balthazar is one of my absolute favourites but I wanted to try another one on my hit list)

Jane is in SoHo and offers a complimentary mimosa, screwdriver, bloody mary etc. with brunch!
It's really cute inside and the waiters are very attentive.  My bottomless coffee stayed true to its namesake as it always got refilled just before the white china started showing.  They also bring you miniature silver jugs of freshly frothed milk (I appreciate added touches like that).  Frothy milk seems like such a luxury! I may or may not have ooh la la'd.

I ordered the egg white omelette with spinach & goat cheese (YUM!) while Omar got the Eggs Benedict special.

I went to The Smith last summer for brunch (owned by the same people as Jane) which I highly recommend as well!  (I think I saw it featured in an episode of The City recently).

My friend Sarah introduced me to another cool brunch spot that must be mentioned.  It's called The Sunburnt Cow (in the East Village) and is known for their $18 Endless Brunch.  It consists of any brunch item & all-you-can-drink Moomosa's, Moo Mary's etc (clever names).  Its sister brunch spot is called Bondi Road and they both have an Australian, surfer vibe to them.  The music is great, albeit a little loud (found myself speaking at a higher decibel than usual) and they only accept ca$h.

Our waiter was an Aussie and his accent definitely added to the atmosphere.

Here's a list of some of my fav brunch joints in New York :
1. Balthazar
2. The Sunburnt Cow
3. Bondi Road
4. The Smith
5. Jane
6. Cafe Gitane
7. Cafeteria
8. Paradou
9. Gemma
10. Mudspot
(Bonus: Grey Dogs...never fails!)

Jonesin' for Japanese

My friend (and Ivey classmate), Omar, stopped over in New York for a few days on his way back from Europe.  We first caught up over dinner at Robert De Niro's restaurant, Nobu.  Omar has dined here before (and I've always heard amazing reviews about it) so we were lucky that they were able to fit us in. (Reservations are pretty hard to come by, for larger parties you usually have to book well in advance). 

Omar knew exactly which were the best dishes to order so I followed his lead.  We both started with miso soup and I had the yellowtail jalapeno sushi roll while he had the fresh yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno (birds of a feather...or should I say fish of a scale? ... doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well.)  We also split their well-known (according to Omar & the waitress), Rock Shrimp Tempura.

We finished it all off with the Bento Box for dessert (chocolate fondant cake & homemade green tea matcha gelato).  We were stuffed but we just had to!!

My taste buds were doing backflips all night. Deeelish, down to the very last bite.

This past weekend I got to return to another Japanese favourite of mine; Tao.
I've been lucky enough to have gone a few times before and I would return again & again & again.  The ambiance is quintessential New York and the food never disappoints.

With a giant Buddha against the back wall spanning both levels, 2 full bars, a waiting lounge, DJ and a bongo player who mingles from table to table drumming along to the DJ's beats, it makes for a fun dining night out!

So if you're in town and looking for unparalleled sushi, you can't go wrong with either Nobu or Tao.
I'd even say go to both if you can....just watch your mercury levels!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GRACED with her Presence

A couple weekends ago, my ever-so-lovely sister (Grace) came for a visit.  I made sure that her itinerary was jam packed, down to the hour, so as not to miss a single thing this city has to offer.  (Some say neurotic, I say - necessity).
After filling each other in (speaking at a mile a minute) on our latest news, we headed over to Sweetie Pie (see post below).

Afterwards, we went to the NBA Draft Party at Greenhouse.  John Wall (1st overall pick by the Washington Wizards in the 2010 draft....don't worry, I didn't know who he was either) was the guest of honour.  At 5'2 and with blonde hair, we were noticeably out of place in his booth of basketball ogres.  We were like munchkins in a land of giants.  Our dance moves (think Saturday Night Fever & Footloose) also caused quite a stir amongst the pop-lock-n'-drop-it, bootylicious "krumpin'" that the other girls in the booth were attempting.  I don't think our "sprinkler" move went over so well.  (It is called GREENHOUSE afterall...I thought it was appropriate!?)

The following day, Grace met me after work and we checked out the Tory Burch sample sale on our journey to Central Park.  It was the last hour on the last day of the SS.  Needless to say, we left empty handed (as expected, it was all picked over).  Grace still enjoyed her 1st New York sample sale-ing experience!

After picking up Broadway tickets in Times Square & a pit stop at Pinkberry to refuel (nom nom nom), we checked out John Lennon's Imagine memorial at Strawberry Fields (forever).
A cute little toddler picked up a rose that had been left on the ground and was examining it inquisitively when another woman (not the child's mother) snapped, "THAT'S NOT YOURS TO TOUCH. IT BELONGS TO A LEGEND!" and gestured to swat the rose out of the cute, little girl's hand. (Rude!)
The little girl dropped it in fear and her mother ushered her away (while giving the yelling woman the stink eye).  I thought it was a bit dramatic...the girl was only 2 or 3 years old.  She was just being a curious george!  No need to throw a tantrum lady.  (She WAS dressed in all black, mourning-type clothing and looked on the verge of tears as she snapped a million pictures of the maybe the girl interrupted a very personal moment for her.) ....Whatever, weirdo.

We finished off the afternoon with some rowboating at the Central Park Boathouse.  This is hands down one of my ultime favourite things to do in New York.  It's a nice change from the hustle n' bustle of the city life.  As soon as you're out on the water you feel the calmness rush over you instantly.  As cliche as it is, Central Park really is just the greatest.

Side Note: If you can have brunch or dinner (sunset is the best time for dinner there!) at the Boathouse, you must do it!  There's sometimes a wait but it is well worth it.  There's also a little side patio (overlooking the water as well) that you can order a small bite to eat.  (My favourite is the cheese platter to share, complete with crackers/grapes, and a glass of wine to wash it down).

Other highlights from the weekend include:

- The Hudson Terrace Rooftop
- The Met
- The Veuve Clicquot Polo Match (with Prince Harry!)
- Glass noodles at Republic
- Brunch in SoHo with Cousin Kevin
- Promises, Promises the Broadway Play
- Dos Caminos & Merc Bar
- Max Brenners
- Shopping (you just gotta)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


HOLY TOLEDO (batman)!

I just rode the ele-(ele)-vator with America Ferrera! (otherwise known as Ugly Betty..or Carmen in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants...I have sisters, it's fair game that I've seen that movie)

I was heading up from the 2nd floor to a meeting on the 6th (EA now owns multiple floors).  The light dings on one of the elevators and as the doors open, there I am, face-to-face, with America Ferrera! My eyes bugged out like a lemur in astonishment. There were 2 other people in the elevator with her...they proceeded to get off on the 3rd and 4th floors...stalling the elevator ride...and leaving us alone in the cubicle-sized space until I had to get off at the 6th (she was going to the 8th floor...which is the same floor that 50 Cent got off at when I rode the elevator with him two summers boss says it is either a celebrity lawyers or celebrity accountants office...I'm checking the directory when I head out for lunch.  I also may mistakenly press a wrong button on my way out..."whooops, this isn't the lobby..whaat!?")

I tried not to stare too noticeably but it's kinda hard when you're in such a small, enclosed area.  She was wearing gym clothes (black lululemon capris & a white t-shirt) with her dark hair slicked up into a ponytail with sunglasses resting on her head.  She was makeup free, yet still looked just as gorgeous as when she's all done-up.  She was also looking quite svelte (hence the gym clothes perhaps?) 

We made eye contact a few times and gave each other one of those meak, no-teeth smiles, as though to acknowledge one another but she didn't appear to be in a talkative mood.  I'm always so aghast at what to do in these situations.  I thought about bringing up the insane heatwave we're currently experiencing, but she'd probably see right through that & I'd end up looking like a bumbling idiot.  I mean the temperature of 105 F is right there on the elevator TV screen...she can see for herself how hot it is outside, she doesn't need me pointing out the obvious.

Eventually (it seemed like an exceptionally long ride), the doors opened onto the 6th floor and I did the Mary Kate & Ashley-esque, pursed lip, grin to bid my elevator companion adieu. She nodded in farewell. (an ACTUAL headnod! My heart may or may not have skipped a beat).  You normally do that sort of friendly gesture as you enter/exit the elevator here but simply because it was America Ferrera, it just felt like so much more!

A coworker told me after that she recently got engaged.  I could have congratulated her! (that's a real ice breaker...a creepy, stalkerish one however).  I feel so inconsiderate.  Now I'll never be invited to the wedding!  She must be thinking to herself right now, "how rude of that no-named, elevator girl not to wish me a happy engagement."  I really should be ashamed of myself.

Sweetie Pie


Last summer, on my way to dinner at Cafe Condesa (a scrumptious little spot in the West Village), another restaurant caught my eye.  The giant gold bird cage glistening in the window is kind of hard to miss. 

I made a mental note of the name, "Sweetie Pie," and vowed to return again someday.  Well lo & behold, the name escaped me the very next day (typical). 

Fate stepped in that week while I was flipping through Elle magazine (it was all too coincidental even for me!)
Glaring at me in glossy print was an entire 3 page spread about "Sweetie Pie" and how it came to fruition.  I ripped out the article and saved it to remind me that I MUST go.

Not until my sister, Grace's, visit last weekend did I find the time to go! (Only an entire year after my initial discovery).  It was well worth the wait though!

We went on a Thursday night so it wasn't as busy as on weekends.  Thus, we lucked out and were able to snag the star spot in the human-sized, gold bird cage. (Very à la Miley Cyrus, "Can't Be Tamed" music video).  There are even signs posted inside, warning patrons not to attempt climbing up the cage. (Yes, because one often gets the urge to do some acrobatics while eating dinner at a restaurant)

You do kind of feel like you're in a fish bowl (of sorts), as passerby occasionally stare through the window in awe.

We noted that the atmosphere would have been cute for a date-night with the dimmed lighting & candles placed at each table.

They played everything from smooth jazz to Ella Fitzgerald to Band of Horses (I lykke li'd the soundtrack a lot).

Note: We were told that during the day on weekends it is chalked full of extravagant kid's birthday parties but turns more "adult-friendly" in the evenings.

Dessert is their speciality (but of course!) so make sure to save some room :)

The waitress was also sweet enough to give us free gumballs on our way out! (Friendly service is always a plus).

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Yuppie, Yuppie World

I have never seen so many yuppies in my life as in New York City.  It's a breeding ground for the yups. A feeding frenzy for the young & ambitious.  I hear that term thrown around all the time & thought I'd look into what exactly a "yuppie" entails. Is it an insult or an endearing term? I'm still not quite sure. I guess it all depends on your point of view.

A "Yup" is defined as both:
(Y)oung (U)rban (P)rofessional
OR a
(Y)oung (U)pcoming (P)rofessional

The term was developed in the 1980s to describe the "new breed" of young, business professionals with flashy lifestyles and a love of fashion. It was meant to classify a new generation of people with the materialistic, monetary-based values of the 80's, blended with the hippie/counter-culture values of the 60's.

According to Urban Dictionary the term is used to describe someone who is in their early twenties, wants/has a high-paying job and an affluent lifestyle.  They drink Starbucks, live in cities (apartments in particular), shop at Whole Foods and dress in preppy, brand-name clothing.  They socialize with other fellow yups in what has been dubbed, "yuppie-dom."

Is it just me, or does that term describe just about every single person (young & old) in New York?...
...Yup, I think it does.

Where's Willa

Who:  Willa Holland
Where:  Lafayette & W 4th
When: Thursday, June 24th at 6:58pm
Seen In: The OC (Caitlin Cooper), Gossip Girl (Jenny's friend)

She was wearing a white, oversized Ramones t-shirt with skinny black jeans (quite fitting for her skinny stick legs) & chunky, black army boots.  Her hair was up in a loose bun & she was wearing dark bug-eyed sunglasses.  She had the London punk rock / grunge subculture look down to a T.

I was walking home from work (rushing to meet my sister Grace who had just arrived for the weekend) and I was stopped at the corner of Lafayette & West 4th, waiting for the light to change.  A girl around my age, walked up from behind and stopped beside me.  I looked over and did a double take.  I knew her from somewhere!  Oh yes, on my TV screen...

She pushed her bug-eyed glasses on top of her head to rub her eyes. All the confirmation I needed.  It was definitely her.

The light changed and we continued along the sidewalk, walking stride for stride for another three blocks.
Should I say something?
"Oh hey Willa, how've you been?  We've met through a glass screen every Tuesday night at 9pm but I don't know if you remember me."
Slightly creepy that I'm walking beside a girl who's first and last name I can spew like word vomit, yet she has no clue who the heck I am. 
Being a celebrity would be quite strange.

She finally hooked a right on Prince and I continued on my merry way.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dream Decor

This post is utterly unrelated to any recent escapades, just some interior design eye candy for shits n' giggles :)

I'm obsessed with these photos from Elle Decor of Jill Stuarts New York apartment.  It's the background of my computer at work (odd, I know).  I use it as "inspiration" for what I'd like my (distant, distant) future apartment to look like! (a studio loft would be even more lovely, if you wanna get real technical).  Maybe you'll think it's as charming as I do. (Might be a tad girly, but it's a good muse for now)

I can't remember where I found this photo, but I just love this bathroom overlooking New York City so I thought I'd add it in as well:

A girl can dream, right?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sample Sale Season!

One of my favourite things about June in New York....SAMPLE SALES! 

Word of mouth & fashion blogs are usually the best ways to scope out where the hottest ones are.  Some are only 1 day blowouts (ex. Rachel Comey) or up to 4 days long. 
(Tips: It's best to go on the 2nd day!  Day 1 = insanely long lines & manhandling once you're inside....Day 2 = the line hype has died down & they start discounting even FURTHER than the day before....going on the last day is risky because most of the good stuff will have already been picked over. After work the lines are the longest so try going early afternoon!)

I just went to the Catherine Malandrino sample sale & ended up getting a gorgeous skirt from the new summer 2010 collection!  While I was in the change room, a woman came around & announced that everything was discounted a further 30%...for no reason at all!  If I hadn't opted to try it on....and bought it 10 minutes earlier...I would have missed the extra savings. (Sa-wheet!)

Tory Burch is next on my hit list...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mad Men VS Modern Day New York (with a dash of Women's Liberation)

Being a working woman in New York in the year 2010 is a far cry from the era so accurately depicted in AMC's hit show, "Mad Men."  I work a block over from (Mad)ison on Park Avenue, yet the New York of today is lightyears away from the 1960's golden age. Or is it?

One of the biggest advancements is that I'm able to attend one of Canada's top business schools and am not limited to women's-only secretarial colleges. (While a noble profession, I'm hungry for more than data entry & hanging up someone else's top hat).  At a recent neighbourhood party, I started chatting with one lady who is either pushing, or past the point of no return on 90 years old (you go girl haha).  She graduated from the same University that I go to (Western), in 1941...exactly 70 years before my soon-to-be graduation date.  She was so ecstatic to hear that I was in the Ivey School of Business (I think she might have cracked a new laugh line from smiling so much), as only men were eligible to attend back then.

She said she would have liked to have gone but went to the secretarial college for "girls" instead. (They weren't referred to as "women" until they got married...which is the main reason why they went to University in the 1st place - to get their MRS degree...haha, bad BAD joke) 

There were only 2 buildings on campus back then and my neighbour met her husband there (he was in Med School)...the business men were too pompous for her liking, she said. That was 1941, yet it resonates quite similarly to the 1960's Mad Men era, almost 2 decades later. 

Her excitement at me even attending business school (let alone getting a job in New York!) made me swell with pride at the leaps & bounds women have come.
(I know, I know, sappy "feminist" comment of the day...I took Women's Studies once so you can't blame me haha...I feel like "Bittersweet Symphony" should be cued at any moment).

Now back to how all of this relates to my love of Mad Men.

Of course there is the amazing vintage clothes, the fact that they drink scotch for breakfast and impeccable attention to prop detail (I've spotted about a dozen of the exact same items in my Grandma's house...which hasn't been 'updated' since the 60's)
But the thing that I love most about the show, is that on the surface it may appear chauvinistic & demeaning, but in reality, it's just an incredibly witty & intelligent satire of the time. With lines like "Don't be intimidated by this technology, men made it simple enough for even a woman to use" (referring to a typewriter), it's easy to view it as degrading...yet they're really just making a mockery by poking fun at the ignorance.

I'm also drawn to the romanticism of New York in the 60's.  The dapper dressers of the Upper East Side, the bohemian hippies of SoHo (they had the real Warhol...we have Factory Girl), a love for the Beatles & Bob Dylan, smoky candlelit bars, glamorous cocktail parties...
...then again, maybe modern day New York isn't so different after all?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Panic at the Port!

Two nights ago I almost got shot.
(Nooo, I didn't forget the word "a" between got and shot...although it's usually a safe assumption)
I went to the Sounds Like Paper 2010 Drake & Hanson concert (sponsored by Ray Ban)...and the night unfolded somewhat differently than I'd imagined.

From work, I hustled ("erry day I'm hustlin'..") to the South Street Seaport on the Lower East Side (across the street from the NYU dorm I stayed in 2 years ago!)  It's a nice boardwalk on Pier 17, with lots of great restaurant patios overlooking the water.  (It's near Wall Street, so lots of bankers in suits floating around as well ;)

The crowd was like nothing I'd ever seen.  The majority of people were there to see Drake, except for a few young girls with Hanson t-shirts.  Poor things were getting smoke poofs blown into their faces. (I don't know about you, but Drake & Hanson seem like an odd line-up for a concert...the fans starkly contrast... it was almost comical.)  I have both on my ipod (secrets out) so I was pretty excited regardless of the strange mix. 

I somehow ended up in the middle of the (wolf)pack facing the stage.  Being vertically challenged didn't help the situation, but on my tippy toes (and with the commentary of my new friend Tyrell...yup, that's his real name), there was nothing to see on stage anyway.  After an hour & a half of pushing & shoving (I was late coming from work so I wasn't in the mess for that long)...all hell broke loose. 

I think it was a combination of people getting restless (some had been waiting since noon!) and alcohol/substance-induced frustration that set the crowd into chaos.  Fights were breaking out all over the place and NYPD's whistle blowing only added fuel to the fire.  Then the battle of the bottles began!  People were throwing things left, right and center.  The girl infront of me was clever enough to put up her umbrella to use as a shield!  The other girl beside me wasn't as lucky, & a glass bottle sliced the side of her foot.  Other people got hit in the head with shoes! ("Who throws a shoe, honestly?" - Austin Powers)

People were swinging from the rafters of the patio and could have easily fallen to the pavement below with one slip of the hand. (Liquid courage can be a dangerous thing)

The worst of it all was when people on the balcony of Uno restaurant started retaliating to the hailstorm of garbage.  They thought it would be a good idea to throw salt & pepper shakers, potted plants, tables & chairs!  (Way to up the ante)

That's when NYPD storm trooped Uno's upper balcony and started making arrests & using metal batons on "unwilling" participants.  (I don't think this is what the girls with the Hanson t-shirts had in mind...)

As the stampede of people started fleeing, my short stature become of some advantage as I was able to dart around everyone pretty quickly.  It was scary & exciting all rolled into one! (Don't worry Mom & Dad...I'm safe!)

I don't think they'll be having another hip-hop star headline at the tranquil seaport anytime soon. 

There's no such thing as a free lunch...or a free concert (as it turns out).

Monday Mood Boosters

My walk to and from work this past Monday was particularly eventful.

As I was humming along to my ipod, I noticed pink signs posted everywhere.  I recognized them from witnessing the Gossip Girl & Remember Me film shoots from last summer!  That's when I spotted the trailers, Kraft Food Service table (I was ever so tempted to pick up some breakfast)...and a camera crew!  I saw a few people mingling about who were in full makeup and appeared to be actors.  They had that 'aura' about them. (None of which I recognized, sadly).

I studied the pink signs more closely and the Production Title said; "Rubicon." (Didn't ring any bells)
I had to keep moving so I still had enough time to grab a coffee at Grey Dogs (a Monday morning treat).  Wikipedia tells me that Rubicon is a new show on AMC about "a New York intelligence analyst at a national think tank, who discovers that his employers are apart of a secret society who manipulate world events on a grand scale." (Thanks Wiki)

Seeing a film set of any kind always gives me a nice little adrenaline boost for the day.

On my walk home, I passed an entire red carpet outside of the Crosby Hotel in SoHo.  The backdrop said "Hot in Cleveland."  Now this, I actually HAVE heard of!  (Only because it's posted on every bus, subway car and billboard around the city lately.)  Hot in Cleveland is TV Land's new comedy starring Betty White & Valerie Bertinelli!  I didn't see any of them as I walked by, but I did see plenty of unknowns being snapped by the paparazzi as they were ushered into the hotel at the end of the red carpeted runway.

Next week the HBO Bryant Park film festival starts!  Monday's are looking mighty fine.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mr. Big !


I was just walking back from lunch along University Place (nr Union Square) and Chris Noth (aka. Mr.Big from Sex & The City) was walking directly towards me!  They say everyone looks better in person..and I have to agree.  He fits the bill for tall (as his name insinuates), dark & handsome.  I never thought he was anything to write home about on film, but in real life, I can see what all the fuss is about.  He was wearing a t-shirt, gym shorts & running shoes, with a newspaper tucked under his arm (on his way to or from a workout, I'm assuming). As he approached me, I looked up at him (I tried not to stare but it was MR.BIG!) and I couldn't help but start grinning (when I get uncomfortable I tend to giggle)  and then he winked at me!  He must get little girls oogling at him a lot, (under his ogre stance, the term "little girl" most definitely applies) but it was as if I was the only one he's ever done that to! (Let's recall my love of school supplies...I clearly have an issue with cheap thrills)

Note to self:
- Always keep your head up & taking a late lunch isn't necessarily a bad thing...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Allo Allo Ol' Chaps

My sincerest apologies for the prolonged delay since my last post.  I've been as buzzy as a bumblebee (always a good thing) but haven't had the chance to chronicle my latest New York trysts.  Time waits for no one...especially in this city! :) 
I promise to make it up to you as I'm dreadfully overcaffeinated, with plenty of escapades to tell. 

Work-wise, it's been quite eventful lately!  The most exciting parts have been meeting with Vogue, Glamour & Oprah Magazines (free swag galore! yippee!) and attending a YSL Beauty event at Bloomingdales. 

We've also been celebrating quite a few birthdays in the office.  God forbid anyone reveal their true age in this industry...'tis sacrilegious to even ask!  Crumbs Cupcakes are the tradition (similar to Magnolia's but 10x fresher!) It's a good thing New Yorkers are so waif-y...all the more red velvet for me!

Posts about the following are soon to uhh...follow (for lack of a better word):
- Rubicon Filming & Betty White Red Carpet
- Hipster comedy nights
- Yankees
- Limo Kidnapping
- The elusive $1 Bill

Cheerio (for now) !